KELDER PRESS is an independent publishing house established in 2020 with the mission of affirming KELDER’s commitment to the commissioning and dissemination of new artist’s publications and interdisciplinary projects in printed form. Offering an antidote to the proliferation of digital publishing in the current cultural climate, KELDER PRESS aims to explore the potential of print in ways that are both innovative and sustainable. We aim to use digital publishing platforms to supplement rather than replace print, redressing a perceived imbalance and celebrating the unique qualities and characteristics of each medium, bringing them together in new and exciting ways that enhance the experience of the reader.
            Following KELDER’s commitment to collaborative practice across disciplines KELDER PRESS endeavours to bring contributors together from the fields of art, poetry, anthropology, philosophy, cultural theory and beyond to create new, unexpected and fruitful partnerships. We aim to support writing that is daring and experimental, ideas that are radical and confrontational, in projects where the form is ever-shifting, always unique and uncompromisingly beautiful. 
            Our ambition is to complement KELDER’s artistic programme by producing a publication to accompany each and every project or exhibition. By inviting new contributors to produce written and visual responses to our programme we hope to expand both the critical scope as well as the network of collaboration, continuing the rich conversations initiated by each project. In addition to publications produced in direct response to our programme, KELDER PRESS has initiated the on-going project In the Round, a platform for experimental writing and artistic production, focusing on one new theme every six months.