Inside the old cottage—damp, mould blooming on the windowpanes, an overwhelming smell of aniseed in the air—the following day, the old woman (what a horrible face on her) will have:

A broken leg
A bleeding arm
A missing finger
A bullet wound
A broken arm
A bleeding foot
A missing toe

Disappeared entirely

All these misfortunes, in all manners, match precisely those which befell the hare.

Suckle, suckle.

We know, of course, exactly why the cows are dry.1 The old woman is a witch and she transforms into a hare and the hare—a milk hare, which is also the old woman—at night moves about the place finding milk to suck.

Helen Charman

1. People also ask:

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How do hares help the environment?
What might happen to mountain hares’ coats if global warming happens?
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Why are snowshoe hares affected by climate change?
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Hannah Buckman
rat person, 2021