This way is very hard, but not insoluble

Join us for a series of upcoming events for This way is very hard, but not insolubleRead more about the project here.

30.10.21  |  14.00 – 16.00
I am no longer human, I have become pure nature or pure death.
Costume workshop on becoming dolphin with Linda Stupart and Carl Gent

In this all-ages drop-in workshop Linda Stupart and Carl Gent will lead a group using fabric, plastic, makeup, lights and sound to build costumes that will help us become dolphin (shark, octopus, mermaid/man/person, nautilus, coral, Neptune, oil spill etc) and follow our pods into some kind of crystalline safety through our round trip to the aquatic underworld. No preparation or expertise required. All the animals are one animal today!

26.11.21  |  18.00 – 21.00
Your success makes me wonder what kind of world you come from, and what would result if you touched the prize I protect.
New performances from Linda Stupart and Carl Gent

Chew up the earth and spit into the sea. Stupart and Gent perform two new solo performances, developed in part during their exhibition with Kelechi Anucha at Wysing Arts Centre, that take This way is very hard, but not insoluble’s themes of climate collapse, experimental theatre and sexy dead things and knit them together with what is dormant in the land, the ice, the song. As the frost melts viruses, newly ancient emerge and as the underworld rises, adaptation becomes fun. A creature is……advancing, swallows grit, ………hide nor flesh, goes on feet………must each time. Performances may feature flashing lights, partial nudity and fake blood.

10.12.21  |  18.30 – 20.30
All Us Girls / Cataclysmic Foibles.
Linda Stupart and Carl Gent in conversation with Isabel Waidner

Linda Stupart and Carl Gent talk to Isabel Waidner about their new novel Sterling Karat Gold, Stupart and Gent’s play All Us Girls Have Been Dead for So Long, queer experimental theatre, fairphones, London, detention centres, the underworld, the coast, katabasis and everything in between in anticipating of the upcoming publishing of the script for All Us Girls