Testing the Receptor Affinity (Performance 2)

The second stage of Multiplex involved the recovery of the first maceration from the demijohn sculpture of Traddutore, Traditore (a new translation) and the transferring of the liquid to the copper still sculpture of Testing the Receptor Affinity. During the evening, Gent worked with the audience to assemble the still, connect the elements to hotplates and running water, mix rye flour paste to seal the joints and collect the distillate. As the evening progressed Gent shared the instructions for each stage of the process with the audience. To this end, visitors were encouraged to bring USB sticks and flash drives to the event.

Carl Gent is an artist from Bexhill-on-sea, UK. They also blog about clothes with Rachel Alice Ray at Fashion Vacuum and perform as part of drum and amplified sitar duo Perple Celotape with Andrew Ferguson.