KELDER invited AltMFA for a winter residency where the participants had full use of the space for their independent research practices. As a group AltMFA continued to explore the themes of wildness / peripheries, having initiated their project during an Artlicks event they felt there was a lot more room for enquiry, and that the emerging currents worked well with their underlying interest in alternative education / societal models. These subjects represented a starting point and the work develop organically.

AltMFA made the most of KELDER as a space that enable alternative education by:
  • holding regular crits. Time and logistical constraints have made this difficult for the group in the past
  • having members lead discussions on subjects of their interest.
  • replicating their Art Licks reading corner, to facilitate discussions/share knowledge.
  • giving members the opportunity to use the space for individual or joint exploration / experimentation.
  • inviting guests to talk to the group on topics of interest.
  • using the space for small experimental workshops.
Regular updates were communicated through their Instagram︎
Founded in 2010, AltMFA is the peer-led alternative MFA (Master of Fine Art) by artists for artists. It is self-organised and free, and run by its members for its members. It has no fixed premises and takes place in a range of private and public venues. Meetings are every Monday night between 6.30pm and 9.00pm