Three Men at a Party
27.09.19 | 18.30–21.00

Join us for the opening of Three Men at a Party on Friday 27.09.19 at 18.30.
Drawing this year which saw LGBTQ+ liberation celebrations clash with political turbulence to a close, KELDER is proud to present THREE MEN AT A PARTY; an immersive and intimate exhibition where drawing and performative mapping are used to investigate the effect of heteronormative nationalism on the queer body. Roelof Petrus van Wyk provides not a rainbow-soaked celebration, but a poignant reminder that fifty years of Stonewall’s so-called gay liberation cannot guarantee the end of violence against the queer body.

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Glossary of Rotating Actions
02.08.19 | 18.30–21.00

Join us for the opening of Glossary of Rotating Actions this Friday at 18.30.

You make the boys shy, 2018
The two person project by Janine Eggert and Ash Moniz is guest curated by Carol Auehlken and explores the politics and aesthetics of maritime trade.

Janine Eggert’s sculptural work engages with the ornamental qualities of industrially manufactured goods and the technological sublime.

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