KELDER is a not-for-profit organisation that offers a platform for artistic research and interdisciplinary curatorial practice. Central to our activity is a commitment to collaboration and community-building, which is reflected in every aspect of our programming.

Using our location—a basement space in Chapel Market, London—as a starting point for discussion, projects often emerge out of a direct response to this unique context, reacting playfully to the challenges of working in an unconventional space and its situation amongst a thriving and diverse market community. Artists’ projects often develop gradually over time and allow for a variety of responses, engagements and interventions by other creative practitioners. This collaborative process offers a more nuanced reading of artworks and the ideas and issues they interrogate while aiding the development of artistic practices.

In 2020 we launched KELDER PRESS with the ambition of expanding our commitment to the commissioning of text-based works and new artists’ publications. Offering an alternative to the proliferation of digital works in the current cultural climate, KELDER PRESS aims to explore the potential of print in ways that are both innovative and sustainable.

Rudi Christian Ferreira

Aaron Juneau

KELDER was originally founded as a curatorial research space by Rudi Christian Ferreira and Adrienne Groen in 2016.