KELDER is founded on two very simple principles – collaborative practice and community building. Our approach has always been to encourage new encounters and bring together contributors from diverse backgrounds, working in different disciplines, to fascilitate the production of new and exciting projects that engage with and inspire our community. Five years on from our debut project in KELDER’s basement space it is time for us to both celebrate and to take stock.  

Over the course of the last five years KELDER has established itself as a risk-taking non-profit organisation thanks to the talents of our collaborators and contributors, and the generosity and openness of the communities we serve. Our activities centre around durational projects that are each activated through a series of events, performances, readings, and screenings, in order for us to offer as many perspectives on and interpretations of each project as possible – exposing new narratives and different research strands as we go.

Recently, we have expanded our activities beyond our physical site with the launch of KELDER PRESS, enabling us to commission new writing and produce artist books. Interdisciplinary collaboration remains at the core of this new venture, seeking to bring new voices together from different backgrounds and specialisms, online or on the printed page.

We would like to thank all the amazingly talented people who have worked with us over the past five years – we have been fortunate to have had the opportunity to collaborate with some highly determined and engaged artists, filmmakers, performers, writers, and curators, who have all been so generous in sharing their knowledge and working practices with us. As a non-profit organisation we also wish to extend our thanks and gratitude to everyone who has supported us financially over the years, most notably Mercer & Co. – without their generosity it would not have been possible for us to exist. Lastly, and most importantly, we wish to thank our communities for all their support and continued engagement – thank you for remaining interested in our activities, challenging us to do more, be more ambitious, and find ways to better accommodate you, the people we serve, who remain at the heart of who we and what we do. Bring on the next five years!

Christian, Aaron & Adrienne