KELDER’s consistently inconsistent performance fest

KELDER’s Consistently Inconsistent Performance Fest will debut this Saturday and feature a range of friends and contributors who will share their practice with us in the spirit of collectivity and togetherness. Wishing to reject the compulsion to neatly package and ‘conceptualise’ the performances, we choose instead to celebrate the random, the wayward and the eclectic. Performances will start from 16.30 with the complete schedule to be found below.

Helen Barff + Nadege Meriau
Sam Derounian
Anna Reading
Dan Dunne
Dominic from Luton
& Hannah Dargavel-Leafe

I. Helen Barff + Nadège Meriau – Com Panis (together with bread)
In this workshop facilitated by artists Helen Barff and Nadège Mériau, participants will make bread using sculptural processes, exploring the significance of rituals in artistic practice and home ‘making’. Together participants will create their own live, edible sculptures as a collaborative performance, using flour, yeast and thread and cloth.

I. Anna Reading – Lost Kitten Found
Anna Reading will present a poetic powerpoint presentation of drawings amidst spoken word and sculptural props.

III. Sam Derounian – Nesting
Sam Derounian will read a section of the script-in-progress of his upcoming play with its corresponding ‘mask’/costumes as a visual aid.

London-based Experimental, Noise & Pop outfit TAYNE (Matthew Sutton) will play a piece which is a little bit different than their usual set list. Expect an aural assault that weld moody, atmospheric vocals, pinching guitars and overwhelming electronics, to pulsating rhythms.

V. Dominic from Luton
Dominic from Luton – we have no idea what to expect

VI. Dan Dunne
A set by London-based musician Dan Dunne.

VII. Hannah Dargavel-Leafe
A sound piece of the London-based artist’s own recordings.